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6 Biggest Mistakes That You Don't Grow up on Instagram


Do you want to know why you don't grow on Instagram? There are mistakes that are more common than you think but you do not have to repeat them for it.


Here I explain the biggest mistakes we make on Instagram and the solution to avoid them. Sometimes we don't know why we are stuck and managing these points you can launch your account to success.


If you have a technical problem with Instagram and it does not work, here I explain how you can solve it.


Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay


1- Your content is not interesting

It is the first thing you have to be clear about. You can have the best logo, the best username, the best design and very visual, but if your content doesn't interest, everything else doesn't work.


How do you know if the content is interesting? Experience and your intuition are key elements. You will get to know the tastes of your audience as you publish new content.


Review which type of content is more interesting, which less and then decide.


To do this, look at the statistics of the publications with more and fewer likes, saves, comments and shares. Analyzing should be something weekly (if not daily) so that your project is always optimized.


Do not think that copying the contents of the competition will attract your followers. There is something that each Instagram account has that is unique and you must find what is your differentiating element.



2- You are very concerned about likes

Instagram is about building meaningful connections with your community. If you only look at the likes obtained, you will waste a lot of very important data.


Beyond likes, there are interactions from your followers where it is best seen if your photo or video has liked it enough.


Those other significant figures are the number of shares, saved, comments or visits to the profile that this publication has caused.


Another mistake is to look and boast of followers. How much ratio of those followers interact? This is the case of many influencers who sell to brands showing the number of followers but without providing other more important data.


Remember to analyze All the data that Instagram offers you and not just keep the number of likes.


It has happened to me more than once, having almost the same likes as saved. If I had only looked at the number of likes, it would have been a publication with little success. And it can happen the other way around.



3- You do not publish frequently

Isn't it true that you feed yourself frequently to keep your system in perfect condition? Instagram must also be fed regularly, otherwise it dies.


Do you remember the 90s Tamagotchi? They were small egg-shaped machines that you had to feed, sleep, and even take to the bathroom. Think of it when you are using Instagram.


Your followers need to see you frequently in order to remember you, take care of you and buy your products. You cannot come and want to sell.


Noted that, Instagram story highlights are very popular nowadays. If you want, you can customize Instagram story highlights or featured stories from your desired posts.


Do not think that Instagram is going to be at your service. You are the guest at his party. Always remember it. You have to know its rules and adapt.


And what are its rules? Publish, if you do not publish, you are useless.


If you do not publish, they have no space to place their ads with which they earn money. The more published content, the more gaps to fill with Instagram Ads advertising.


You will notice that in the weeks that you are more active, more interactions come to you and vice versa.


Create your content calendar in advance to avoid having to improvise content daily.



4- Your profile is not optimized

What would you think if you entered your Instagram profile for the first time? Do it now. But objectively. There's nothing wrong with being critical of yourself and asking yourself, what is this horror?


The first step in improving is to be aware that you have a problem. Even if you have a perfect Instagram bio and have plenty of results, it's always okay to go ahead and not stagnate.


Optimizing your account is key to making users fall in love at first glance.


Check and update your profile regularly.


Remember to have a good profile image where your face looks good or is humanized to convey confidence. You should also include keywords of your business in the username and define in the text who you help and how.



5- You do not publish at the exact moment

If before I spoke to you about the importance of publishing frequently, it is no less important to do it at the right time.


Post according to the hourly habits of your followers to improve results.


How to know the best time to publish on Instagram? Looking at Instagram statistics, both in the mobile application and in Facebook's Creator Studio. Better this second option since it teaches you by more defined and precise time sections. If you want you can post videos on Instagram from your PC.


When you know what time, your followers are most connected, it's time to create the precise strategy.


They are more connected, yes, but does your competition also publish at that time? You have to take it into account because no matter how much they are connected they do not get to see everything.


Therefore, there should always be a strategy behind to analyze the best times for your followers but that your competition does not publish and they can see your content more likely.



6- You are not looking at the statistics

You must know your audience and on Instagram you have it very easy.


As I said before, to look at the statistics of Instagram you can do it in two ways:


- From the mobile application


- From Facebook Creator Studio


Switch to a professional account to access these statistics. Within them you can see the best hours, the best days, the age of your followers or their locations.


In your statistics you will also see the contents with the most interactions (saved, shared, comments, likes...) from the last week to 2 years ago.


Think that if you publish without looking at the statistics, you will not know what you are doing well or what your followers or clients want to see.


Take time to analyze the statistics weekly, if not daily.  Apart from it, to get various types of news and tips, you can follow Publicistpaper.


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